Clinic Times
Wednesdays and Thursdays, 9am to 3pm.

Clinic Location
Suite 33 in the Galway Clinic, Doughiska, Galway.  Take the lifts, which are by the piano in the main foyer, to the 2nd floor.

Existing Patients
Existing patients of Dr Ali’s may email [link to email address here:] or contact the office on 091 720 265 to arrange an appointment.

New Patients
If you would like to be referred to Dr Ali for investigations into sleep apnoea or other respiratory problems, you should speak to your GP who can then refer you.

A referral letter from a qualified GP or other consultant is a requirement of the Medical Council of Ireland for patients who wish to attend a consultant specialist.  Your GP will include vital information such as your medical history, laboratory results, previous x-ray reports or other scan reports.  Having this information will allow Dr Ali to plan for any necessary tests or scans, so that he can effectively and efficiently treat you.  This information will also help Dr Ali to understand the urgency of your case.

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